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Meet Deidra


My name is Deidra Ressler, and I am from New Ringgold, PA. I am a junior Biology/Health major with an undeclared Spanish minor, and Spring 2020 is my second semester on the research team at Grove City College!

Personally, I am very interested in public health and how human health is tied to the environment. I studied abroad in Costa Rica during the summer of 2019, and my coursework there introduced me to this important relationship. Because of pollinators' crucial role in providing us with a variety of crops, their health is ultimately tied to our economy, nutrition, and health. In apicultural studies and training, learning about the plants that support honeybees, bee biology, and the diseases that threaten them have all been incredibly insightful.

Learning about bee biology has definitely been my favorite part of research so far, and I am excited to apply this knowledge when working directly with bees in the future. Seeing their complexity and detailed anatomy is a

wonderful reminder of the beauty of organisms

around us, and I am grateful to be a part of the

research team to help share this knowledge with


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