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Welcome to the Buzz

Hello Everyone,

I wish I would have strapped a Go-Pro to my head 6 months ago, to show you all the things I've seen working in the field will all types of beekeepers from various areas of the world (although that would be difficult to do wearing a veil and it would have required quite a bit of "editing"-haha). But I've finally decided to create a blog to share some of my bee adventures with you. Hopefully what I learn along the way will be helpful to others who have fallen in love with these fuzzy little animals. Since I started this journey about 3 years ago.  I'll have some catching up to do. So I'll get started....

Next week, I'm off to Big Sky Montana to visit Yellowstone, meet with my adoptive Crow Indian family, AND work a commercial bee keeper.  This is a large western circuit migratory beekeeper with 1000s of hives. I'll be sure to share some pics, posts and tidbits!

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