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  • Katerina Bailey

Meet Katerina!

My name is Katerina Bailey. I am a junior biology student at Grove City College from Beaver Falls, PA. Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated with bees. My obsession later progressed into me becoming a beekeeper with my father in 2014.

I'm so thankful to be able to continue learning

about bees at Grove City College. I think that the apiary research here provides a unique way to not only learn about the biology of bees and how their environment can affect their health in a classroom setting but, when we get our bees, will also help us learn in a hands-on manner.

On-campus, I also participate in a variety of other activities. I am the forward's captain for our Women's Club Rugby team and I also participate in various clubs such as the Strength and Fitness Club and the Environmental Club. I have a passion for animals and intend to pursue a career in animal health after my time here.

I have enjoyed the outdoor aspect of our research the most, such as creating a garden that will hopefully be certified as pollinator-friendly, because I love working outside in the dirt. I have learned so much more than I used to know about our native plants through working alongside the other members of the team and through various guests who have come out to our apiary.

I have also learned and continue to learn more about bee biology and diseases every week through lectures and personal research.

I hope to continue to bring my background in beekeeping and enthusiasm for bees to the research team until I graduate.

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