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Meet Matt!

Hello! My name is Matt Van Kirk, and I am a senior Biology Health Major at Grove City College. I was born and raised in Allison Park, Pennsylvania which is 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh. While at school, I have been a part of the men’s soccer team, Omicron Xi Fraternity, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, ICO trips, the Global Outreach Program, and more. I have recently joined Dr. Farone’s Bee Project team because of my love for nature and because of my fascination at the handiwork of God (and because Dr. Farone is awesome).

While growing up my family spent lots of time in the outdoors and was always playing many different sports. Because of this I have grown to enjoy hiking, camping, and anything else that involves taking a step back and being in nature for long periods of time. This past summer I had the opportunity to live in Indonesia for two months where I spent much time camping and soaking in the various plants and animals in a new land. As a result, I have a desire to learn more outside the classroom. Although I don’t know a ton about honeybees yet, I am eager to learn all there is to know about them and their surrounding environment.

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