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Website Updates!

Hello beekeepers and bee inquirers alike!

The Grove City Bee Project website has undergone some slight revisions lately, so here is the inside scoop on all the updates!

First, the information tabs have all been condensed into one! No matter if you are a beekeeper, veterinarian, or just a curious member of the community, all the helpful information we have to offer can be found under the information resources tab. Feel free to take a look and learn something new.

In addition, more recent photos of the bees and the Oliver Apiary have been added to the gallery, along with some video content, to showcase the changes that have happened over the years as well as how incredible honey bees are. We hope you enjoy the new content and the up close look at the bees!

Our research tab has also changed slightly to better reflect current research that is being done, as well as give more information on research that has been done in the past. Be sure to check back in the fall to see more updates!

Happy exploring!

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