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  • Katie Leon

Meet Katie

Hi! My name is Katie Leon. I am currently a sophomore biology major at Grove City College. Although I have little experience with beekeeping, I have always been fascinated with ecology. I love spending time outdoors and learning from wildlife species as they go about their different routines. Now, I have the opportunity to research it as a part of the GCC Apiary Team!

I have been helping build The Oliver Apiary since its start in the fall of 2019. We have been working to ensure that our bees might have a nutritious forage by certifying our pollinator friendly garden. In addition to the physical labor of putting together an apiary, the team and I also gain insight into various aspects of the bee world. We have been able to meet other beekeepers, horticulturists, and gone through a series of lectures in bee biology, health, disease, and of course, the principles of beekeeping!

My focus on the research team is community outreach. I am currently working on a variety of educational materials for both the college and the general public. With every lecture, I come to a fuller understanding of the role that pollinators play in our society. Being interested in ecology, I also have a passion for species conservation work. I am super excited to put together content that shares this information and gets other people excited about what we are doing in the apiary!

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