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Meet Julianna!

My name is Julianna Jacobs, and I am a sophomore Conservation Biology major. I’m from Conneaut Lake, a small town a little less than an hour north of Grove City, where our beehives are located! Growing up in a little wonderland of western PA deciduous forest fostered my love for all living flora and fauna. I took a particular interest in pollinators in high school and was fortunate enough to have worked with my neighbor and his bees before I came to college. Thus, I was very excited to join the bee research team last semester, where my fascination for honey bees was fueled even more as we learned all about beekeeping, bee biology and ecology, and bee diseases.

My favorite part about being on the bee team so far has been learning about bee biology and behavior, and then applying it to the behavior we observe of our very own bees in the bee yard. In lectures, we learned all about the intricacies of bee anatomy and how bees are supposed to behave. In the bee yard, however, it can be a completely different story. That’s what I love so much about being on the team—there’s always something new to learn and adapt to.

I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with Dr Farone, the other research assistants, and (of course) the bees during my time at college. I am excited to continue to delve more into the world of bee diseases with various research projects and educate others about how neat bees are!

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