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Dr. Farone writes a monthly article for Bee Culture Magazine starting August 2020 and recently authored biosecurity guidelines for veterinarians working in bee yards with the Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium. Check out some of Dr. Farone's latest Bee Culture articles below.

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association:

"Veterinarians and Beekeepers: An Arranged Marriage" by Kaitlyn Mattson

This article highlights the relatively recent relationship established between veterinarians and beekeepers, which is important for monitoring antibiotic usage on bee colonies. Dr. Farone contributed information, and photos by Deidra Ressler are included.

The Veterinary Clinics of North America. Food animal practices
   "Registered Medicinal Products for Use in Honey Bees in the United States and Canada" by Dr. Tracy Farone
         Summarizes the various formulations of antibiotics and other drugs, and their use in treatment of honey bee maladies for the veterinary clinician

Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium
   "Biosecurity Guidelines for Practicing Veterinarians in Apiaries" by Dr. Tracy Farone
         Guidence for biosecurity practices for veterinarians working with apiaries in North America. Published to the HBVC                   website in the fall of 2020

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